Our Team

Mississippi Black Women’s Roundtable

Cassandra Welchlin

Lead Organizer/Co-Convener

Prior to joining MS-BWR, Cassandra Welchlin co-founded and launched an ambitious and progressive MS Women’s Economic Security Initiative (MWESI), founded as a project of MS Low-Income Child Care Initiative. MWESI is rooted at the intersections of race, gender, and poverty. It prioritizes women’s rights, equity, economic security; created an intentional and explicit racial and gender framework; and engage women, particularly low-income women of color, with deep connections to grassroots organizing to create a leadership infrastructure setting the stage for long-term movement-building.


Deborah Robinson

Co-Convener Deborah Robinson is co-convener of the MS-Black Women’s Roundtable. A long-time women’s rights activist who has worked extensively to advocate for the rights of black women and girls, Robinson she is also co-convener of the Mississippi Black Civic Participation Coalition.