Mississippi Black Women’s Roundtable (MS-BWR), is an intergenerational civic engagement statewide network and the women and girls empowerment arm of the National Coalition on Black Civic Participation (NCBCP) that champions equitable public policy on behalf of Black women and girls nationally and across the South.

The Mississippi effort is led by co-conveners Cassandra Welchlin & Deborah Robinson.

BWR is a highly effective economic and social justice organizing network led by Black women across the country, with a focus on expanding inter-generational leadership and addressing economic insecurity, education and health disparities that perpetuate systemic, multi-generational poverty for too many Black women, families and communities.

The four priority goals of Black Women Roundtable that includes MS Black Women’s Roundtable is to:

     * Strengthen BWR intergenerational networks, NCBCP affiliates, coalitions and partner organizations;

     * Educate policymakers about issues and policy solutions that address the economic and social justice concerns of Black women, their families, and communities;

     * Create a pipeline for leadership inside BWR and in the public sphere; and

    *  Create public and private forums for Black women to be heard, valued and affirmed Black women, particularly black women in the South, have always been central to movements for economic, political, and social justice. They have achieved change in their own communities through organizing, leadership development, and policy engagement.
The National Coalition and BWR are on the verge of an exciting transition that roots our work firmly on the frontlines of change in this country.
By prioritizing Black women-led organizing and focusing more intensively on the South and other key states (AL, FL, GA, MI, MS, NC, OH, PA, DC/MD/VA areas), we are headed in a vital new direction that will help amplify the voices and power of Black women and girls’ leadership and communities deeply affected by this new policy context.