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MS-BWR and March of Dimes urge passage of bill

The MS Black Women’s Roundtable and March of Dimes are urging lawmakers to pass legislation that addresses the lack of pregnancy accommodations laws in Mississippi. In Mississippi, 54% of the women who gave birth in 2017 were in the workforce.
“Mississippi lawmakers have an opportunity this legislative session to ensure healthy pregnancies and job security by guaranteeing pregnant workers have reasonable workplace accommodations,” said Cassandra Welchlin, MS-BWR’s lead organizer/co-convener.
Welchlin is urging support for Mississippi women by supporting Senate Bill 2148 and House Bill 1196. This legislation will provide the support and protection that working mothers in Mississippi need. There is only one day remaining to move the bills relevant to the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act out of committee.
“Many women continue working without the accommodations they need because they cannot afford to follow their doctor’s advice if it means losing their income; these women may be put at risk of serious health consequences, such as miscarriage, preterm birth, pregnancy-induced hypertension and preeclampsia, congenital anomalies, and low birth weight,” Welchlin said.
March of Dimes Regional Director of Advocacy and Government Affairs Frankie Robertson says the legislation is vital for the protection of pregnant mothers in Mississippi.
“We are asking that the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act be taken up in committee before the deadline,” Robertson said. “We are in full support of the legislation.”
The Mississippi Pregnant Workers Fairness Act seeks to prohibit discrimination to employment based on pregnancy, childbirth or a related condition. Along with defining certain relevant terms, the bill also provides that an employer shall provide written notice of the right to be free of discrimination in relation to pregnancy and childbirth and creates an actionable right for any person who is an employee and believes his or her rights have been violated.
Pregnancy accommodation laws benefit businesses and our economy and have garnered strong bipartisan support across the country.