MS-BWR supports GOTV efforts

 The Mississippi Black Women’s Roundtable (MS-BWR) is encouraging everyone to support the Mississippi Civic Engagement Roundtable’s Get Out the Vote (GOTV) push leading up to the Election Day in Mississippi on Tuesday, Nov. 5. 
The nonprofit coalition is hosting a statewide election protection program to assist voters with this year’s process. The Mississippi Election Protection call center is a program designed to educate voters and volunteers about voting rights in Mississippi. The program includes a toll-free number, 1-888-601-VOTE (8683), staffed by legal professionals and community volunteers on November 5th to field questions and provide legal assistance in resolving any Election Day problems. “It is vitally important that every eligible Mississippian participates in this year’s election process,” said Nsombi Lambright, Executive Director of One Voice.

“We have all seen the results born of a lack of democratic participation. The only way to combat voter suppression and regressive public policies is to cast a ballot at every election. Voting gives strength to public opinion and often it is the principal catalyst for change. Should any Mississippian have difficulty voting or have questions about the voting process, the Election Protection call center stands ready to help.” 

The Mississippi Civic Engagement Roundtable is organizing training sessions for volunteers to participate in this program. If you are interested in getting involved in this non-partisan effort, please complete the simple form found on our website or via email at ceroundtable@uniteonevoice.orgElection Protection is an initiative of the Mississippi Civic Engagement Roundtable, the Mississippi State Conference NAACP, and One Voice.