Standing in Solidarity with Mississippi’s immigrants

The MS Black Women’s Roundtable stands in solidarity with the hundreds of Mississippi immigrants, their families, and the communities who are in crisis as a result of the August 7, 2019 ICE raids in Morton, Carthage, Pelahatchie, Bay Springs, Walnut Grove, and Canton.

As an organization intimate with the continuous strife for equality and fairness that communities of color face, we uplift our shared humanity with our immigrant communities and pledge to fight against all instances of racism and injustice being driven by political rhetoric and fear-mongering.

In offering our voice of support and protection to the Mississippi immigrants and their families, we also admonish our Mississippi leaders who have spoken the loudest with their silence or lukewarm leadership in the midst of fathers and mothers being ripped away from their distressed children. These politicized acts, cloaked under the auspices of deterring people from unlawfully entering the U.S., are an ineffective method of addressing immigration policies and are cruel, callous and inhumane.

We call for fairness, due process, and humanity for our immigrant neighbors.